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Hydro Jetting Services

Hydro jetting is a highly effective method that involves the use of pressurized water to dislodge clogs and eliminate buildup within pipes, essentially providing your plumbing system with a thorough pressure wash.

The hydro jetting process employs a specialized machine comprising a high-pressure hose connected to a dedicated jet nozzle on one end and a water pressure unit on the other. The nozzle is inserted into the targeted pipe, and pressurized water is propelled through the hose, generating high-pressure water jets that dislodge and remove various types of debris as the nozzle traverses the pipe. Some of the common types of debris that hydro jetting can tackle include:

When you encounter a stubborn or recurring drain blockage that cannot be effectively removed with a drain snake alone or is located in hard-to-reach areas, your plumber may recommend hydro jetting. This method is especially beneficial for addressing persistent issues, suggesting that your pipes require a comprehensive cleaning rather than just a clog removal. Additionally, hydro jetting serves as an excellent preventive measure for routine pipe maintenance, helping to thwart future problems.

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Safe and Environmentally Friendly

One notable advantage of hydro jetting is its eco-friendly nature. Unlike caustic drain cleaning chemicals, which can pose health risks due to their harsh ingredients, hydro jetting relies solely on water to clean your pipes. Drain cleaners often contain sodium hydroxide, an irritant to the nose, throat, respiratory tract, and skin. In contrast, hydro jetting is a safer and more environmentally conscious option.

Gentle on Pipes

While caustic drain cleaners may offer a quick fix for clogs, they can cause long-term damage by corroding your pipes and increasing the risk of leaks. Hydro jetting, on the other hand, eliminates clogs and buildup without harming your pipes. In fact, it’s gentle enough to be used as an annual maintenance procedure. However, it’s crucial for your plumber to inspect your pipes beforehand to ensure they can withstand the high-pressure hydro jetting process.

Thorough Cleaning

Unlike drain cleaners and snaking, which often create temporary openings within clogs, hydro jetting flushes away both the clog and its surrounding debris, leaving the interior of the pipe spotlessly clean. This significantly reduces the likelihood of debris causing future blockages or clogs. Hydro jetting is also more effective at reaching and clearing obstructions deep within the pipes.


While hydro jetting is an effective solution for most situations, it may not be suitable for every type of obstruction. In cases where pipe damage is the root cause, such as breaks, sagging lines, erosion-based damage, or misaligned joints, hydro jetting may not be effective. Alternative methods, such as slip lining or pipe replacement, may be necessary. For dense tree root blockages, a plumber may opt to snake the pipe to break up the roots before employing hydro jetting to remove any remaining debris, as attempting hydro jetting on a dense blockage can potentially cause damage if the water cannot pass through and sprays back into the pipe.

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